HPElectronics provides reliable computer support, products, maintenance and training to individuals and businesses.
Our standards are high!
We strive to be the best provider of Information Technology in Western Michigan.



demoComputers, when used properly, allow you to stay connected, organize your photos, songs and games, communicate via Facebook, Twitter and Skype just to name a few, as well as stay in touch with friends and family via Email and cruise the Internet with ease.



demoOperating systems: Reinstallation, custom application installation, upgrades, and maintenance.
Wired/Wireless network installation, Troubleshooting, Upgrades.
MS Office Suites, Windows XP, Vista, 7, and .
Onsite repairs and configurations as well.



demoLocally owned and operated with over 25 years of computer and electronics experience.
Our mission:
To make your life easy and free of frustration with the smooth execution of your day to day computer activities. After all, you invested in your computer to enhance your life – at home and in business



The Web Site

demoAs mentioned, we have revamped our site, changed our backgrounds and added colors. We have added some new features and options for the casual visitors and the repeat visitors.

Updated: February 6th, 2013


Wireless Securities:

demoEverybody is using it, on their Smartphone, iPods, iPads, new video wireless equipment, such as televisions, Blue Ray players, it's everywhere. The flexibility is absolutely awesome to have, but there are great risks involved as well.

Make sure you turn on and use the wireless option on your newly purchased router/modem. They're factory stock turned off.
Simply turning them on works, but anyone and everyone can get into your system. No securities are implements, it's up to you to set it up.
SECURITY is the key. Use it, secure your system, read your manuals or call HPElectronics, we can do this remotely for you.

Updated: February 6th, 2013




Updated: February 6th, 2013

HPElectronics New Web Site

the site has been updated, as it usually is every so often, so please look around, feel free to contact us via the contacts page.

Some of the changes made:

  • Google Search: Type something you are looking for within this site, and Google will display a listing of available options within this site and supply the links to get there. Nice little tool.
  • The site now has online discount preprinted forms with savings on repairs, reconfigurations and new or refurbished equipment. Make sure you look for them before getting service done.
  • We've been offering "remote access services" for several years now, and there is an entire section describing how it works, on securities, and the value added features of having this service.

Small business service contracts:

You can now preview sections of the service contracts, what is offered, how they work and discounts as well.

If you'd rather have work done without the need for a service contract, look at our rates and discounts.

Added a FAQ page, giving you good website connections for freeware software and some solutions to common day-to-day problems.


Advanced Features:

Slide shows on pages, a photo page with some old and new home and business computers . . .

Included some images of the service area.

See what we think and use for components, our best picks and choices, including links to their web sites.


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