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The Web Site

demoAs mentioned, we have revamped our site, changed our backgrounds and added colors. We have added some new features and options for the casual visitors and the repeat visitors.

Updated: February 6th, 2013


Wireless Securities:

demoEverybody is using it, on their Smartphone, iPods, iPads, new video wireless equipment, such as televisions, Blue Ray players, it's everywhere. The flexibility is absolutely awesome to have, but there are great risks involved as well.

Make sure you turn on and use the wireless option on your newly purchased router/modem. They're factory stock turned off.
Simply turning them on works, but anyone and everyone can get into your system. No securities are implements, it's up to you to set it up.
SECURITY is the key. Use it, secure your system, read your manuals or call HPElectronics, we can do this remotely for you.

Updated: February 6th, 2013




Updated: February 6th, 2013

About Us

In the Beginning:

HPE was started in Milwaukee, WI, back in 1995 and has experienced continued growth. We've moved onto small and large businesses, have serviced some units from other states. . . even some out of the country have had the HPE support. Relocated to Muskegon, MI, in 1998, HPE has worked for several small companies in the area and has grown consistently to include local government agencies, financial institutions, retail stores, manufacturing, construction and more...

As an OEM distributor for Microsoft® and being familiar with various programs used today, we can make it happen!. . . and we offer training on the day-to-day software packages on the market, if needed.

We provide complete computer services for the home and business users including networks, wireless communications, software and hardware applications and repairs.
After working with several home users and moving onto the business side we decided it was time for a website. We've grown over the past several years to having well over 2000 customers in the area and we will keep growing.

The Growing Years:

HPE LogoHPElectronics was an easy way for others, who knew me, to remember the name.
I put a "lot" of thought into this title and, well this is how it came about . . .
And, I have this little logo dude, that everyone likes, as he expresses how they feel about their computer . . . then it comes to me for a whole new life...

HP is from my name, Pat Hanley. I have a degree in electronics, which I have thoroughly enjoyed working with over the past 30 years.
I simply combined it all into one little title.     So there you have it.... HPElectronics

When I first opened HPElectronics, it was in an apartment in Milwaukee, WI while working a full time job as a Manufacturing Engineer. It took off very slowly but was fun to do.

Due to company closing, my full time job was eliminated, I relocated here, Muskegon, MI.
The move was simple . . . an offer of a full time job, the newly purchased 30 foot boat, it seemed like the perfect plan / place to be. The rest is history!

So Muskegon, MI, was the place to be . . . it accommodated all of my needs.
With the new job in hand, a big boat and lots of water to play in I reestablished my life nicely. I rented a home and lived on my boat the entire first summer.

With the new job, I left HPElectronics behind as computer work was minimal. As  I found new friends, coworkers and their friends and as they learned more about me, I again started getting computer work more and more frequently. It was getting out of control for awhile. I was working a fulltime job at 50 plus hours a week and computer work as well. The computer work was cyclical and I could still find a little to enjoy the waters.

Over the following several years, I worked on 1,500 plus home computers and small local companies as well, all via "word of mouth". Never underestimate the power of the "word of mouth" as it has made HPElectronics what it is today...
I again found myself out of work during our recent economic chaos of 2008, leaving me with lots of free time on my hands. This was the opportune time to push HPElectronics, to make a go of it...

The last 5 Years:

I have a very large "home user network" of people that constantly grows, basically through . So they, yes you, are the core of HPElectronics. And for that I cannot express my gratitude enough.

With these referrals and continued growth HPElectronics has now acquired multiple annual contracts with more in the works. So far it seems to be working out very well.  and more are in the works. I've tripled in customer based service contracts, and my home users continually increases.

I will always give home users service that is unmatched in the area . . . if they need to get their personal desktops or laptop serviced, or a full restoration, I return their units within 24 hours from time of drop.
No one else does this. Large electronic stores have waiting periods of 10 to 20 working days, that's 3 weeks! Most people can't go such a time without their machines. It's become a way of life for everyone. With HPElectronics you get your unit back within 24 hours unless parts are needed.

With all of these events, referrals, and contracts I've actually setup a full service shop and stock a multitude of new and used parts.  Winter is sometimes a chilly work shop but in the summer I to look out at the nice days from the workbench. With the "country living", away from the daily noises, I can perform tasks, work on computers and listen to music.

Life is grand!


Where we're going:

In 2012, I went back to working full time in my favorite field  and on 2nd shift, allowing me time to work on the business and pc's both after work and in the mornings. I now have the best of both worlds. I am enjoying it immensely! With a little more luck, things will just keep getting better and better.


Team Bio:

Pat Hanley

With over 28 years in the manufacturing environment, from machine builder to Plant Engineer, to Maintenance Manager and Plant Superintendent. I've used all of my schooling and knowledge to get where I am today. I work on computers from early sunrise to sometimes the next sunrise and then some . . . but that's the way I'm built, I get going on a challenge and will not stop until I resolve it. Now I am the one that reaps the benefits from it all. So in the long run it's a worthwhile effort.


Yes his name is Nestle, as in the chocolate drink. He's been a family companion now for almost 12 years. After his 3rd birthday, as he was very rambunctious, I got him a little brother. (Beau) pronounced Bo, French spelling... He's very casual, sits back, doesn't seem to mind the little things and just observes more than anything nowadays. He and his brother are GREAT watch dogs and if anything comes near the house, I know about it right away.
Unfortunately, he passed on August 6th, 2011. I never left his side, I was his last vision in his wonderful life. I miss him every day! I will never forget him.
He was loved to the end, without pause.


He's a bundle of life. Now 10, he still thinks he's a pup. He loves to go for walks and playing ball in the house. Winter months, he loves to eat snow constantly.
He's my best companion and friend, he's always by my side and constantly happy.

Our bond grew stronger when Nestle passed. We depended on each other and still do!




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