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Please look at some of our photos, they display some awesome pictures of new to very old, 1st style desktop pc's. Choose from the drop down listing to select a collection.

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As you can see from the above gallery, you can easily see a time line of how computers have advanced in styles, power and operating system.

Some of the first available home computers used 5 1/4" Floppy disks, 2 of them to run it, and now all Operating Systems are installed onto internal Hard Disk Drives, thus eliminating virtually all Floppy Disks.

USB flash drives and external storage drives are all common for safekeeping of our valued information.

Computer cases have also gone to the extreme, in looks, colors and to some really abnormal styles. No longer a plain old simple huge heavy box, nowadays some newer desktops weight as little as some older laptops.

Cooling fans, inside the computer, that keep a continuous air flow, and cools down the main processor now come in colorful LED colors.
Of  course, you need a clear sided case style to see them flash and swirl while the computer is running. It's a full scale light show . . .

Processor cooling systems have also taken on major redesigning. From a simple cooling fin type heat sink on top of the main processor with a small cooling fan, to liquid cooled units so sophisticated, it monitors,  fan speeds (RPM), processor temperatures of the inside the computer case itself.
If it needs more airflow, as temperatures rise, fans increase in speeds automatically and maintain a set point optimized for the motherboard and processor.

Some of the newest operating systems, like Windows 8, no longer come with Product key stickers located on the computer. They're now hardcoded into the main board, the BIOS area, and require 16 Gigabytes of flash storage to create a recovery copy. Installing this flash operating system on any other computer, will cause failures as it looks for the product key and activation information from the original computer.




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