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The Web Site

demoAs mentioned, we have revamped our site, changed our backgrounds and added colors. We have added some new features and options for the casual visitors and the repeat visitors.

Updated: February 6th, 2013


Wireless Securities:

demoEverybody is using it, on their Smartphone, iPods, iPads, new video wireless equipment, such as televisions, Blue Ray players, it's everywhere. The flexibility is absolutely awesome to have, but there are great risks involved as well.

Make sure you turn on and use the wireless option on your newly purchased router/modem. They're factory stock turned off.
Simply turning them on works, but anyone and everyone can get into your system. No securities are implements, it's up to you to set it up.
SECURITY is the key. Use it, secure your system, read your manuals or call HPElectronics, we can do this remotely for you.

Updated: February 6th, 2013




Updated: February 6th, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I find a good free Virus Program?
  2. Where can I find Microsoft Downloads and options?
  3. Why doesn't ... ?
  4. Who is ... ?
  5. What is Remote Login Service you offer?
  6. When is ... ?

How do I find a good free Virus Program ... ?

    • AVG can be downloaded free from this site Free AVG Website.
    • Comcast users: can get a free Norton Internet Securities directly from Comcast constant Guard page. This applies to both  Windows and Mac users
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  • Where can I find Microsoft Downloads ... ?

    • You can get any downloads, patches, service packs and updates directly from Microsoft on the download page. They give you a listing of options from Alphabetical to products for whatever you desire or require. Visit the site and keep your pc current.
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    Why doesn't ... ?

    • This is the answer to the question.
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    Who is ... ?

    • This is the answer to the question.
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    What is Remote Log In ... ?

    • With remote control, via a small program supplied by HPElectronics, there is no need to disconnect your computer. We can remotely connect to your PC and rectify the majority of small issues without any efforts on your part. Simply put, "we supply you with an access code" for the program, and the session is active. You must agree and allow the program to run before we can access your computer.
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    When is ... ?

    • This is the answer to the question.
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